Pardada Pardadi Educational Society

Building a strong nation by education and empowering rural girls and women

In Hindi, Pardada Pardadi means “great-grandparents.” An integral part of ancient Indian wisdom revolves around family; the value-based knowledge and education a child receives from an invested community is a crucial component of her successful transformation into an adult…

Pardada Pardadi Educational Society

The school chose this name because it goes beyond basic education; it teaches girls the values and principles that will help them blossom into more well-rounded adults, much as great-grandparents teach their grandchildren how to be moral and contributing members of society.

Since 2000, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES) has been on a mission to empower community women from the poorest sections of society. We provide free education to girls and job opportunities to women, thereby creating a new generation of self-reliant and educated females who will break the cycle of poverty in the region.

Based in the tehsil (territorial division within a district) of Anupshahar, in district Bulandshahar of Uttar Pradesh, India, PPES was founded by Virendra (Sam) Singh, a retired head of DuPont South Asia. Having grown up in Anupshahar he knew that the region was infamous for its poverty, crime, and child marriages. Moreover, it is one of the least educated and literate sections of India.

Sam knew that to break this cycle of poverty, he had to first improve the quality of life for the weakest members of this society – the rural girl children, who are considered economic and social burden. Forgotten and uneducated, they are forever dependent upon their husbands or male family members for their livelihood. This leads to a cycle of repression, abuse, and neglect that can only be broken with the self-reliance and enlightenment that education brings.

PPES is facilitating the creation of a socially and economically empowered rural society.

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