It is always better to teach girls than boys! :  The inspiring story and thoughts of I Villager Shashi

It is always better to teach girls than boys! : The inspiring story and thoughts of I Villager Shashi

Our oldest and wisest member, Shashi, is a confident, progressive woman. A single mother of three children, she does not believe in gender roles and stereotypes, and earns a living for her family by herself.  She is self-assured, financially independent, and smiles a lot!

Shashi joined I Village 16 years ago, originally part of the vocation centre at PPES and has learnt and developed a multitude of skills over the years. Working at I Village gave her the platform to make the most of her talent, and refine her flair for embroidery into giving her the identity of an “artisan.”

She developed her talents and flair as an embroidery artist at I Village, and is now the most experienced member of our team! Not just that, due to her experience and expertise in stitching, she is now the uniform in charge at the I Village Vocation Centre. She is a dedicated and self-assured leader, and looks after every aspect of her department, ensuring flawless work by her team! Working as a “leader” gave her an identity of a strong, influential woman- and she carries that confidence with her into other aspects of her life.

Apart from being a brilliant leader and a hard working employee, Shashi is also a loving mother. Her daughter, now married, completed her education from PPES, and Shashi is immensely happy for her. “She is an honest and smart individual and I am proud of her for completing her education and earning for herself. She is happily married now, and living a good life. She just returned from a trip to Malaysia!” Shashi exclaims proudly.

When asked about the popular practice of not educating girls in rural India, she simply shakes her head and says, “I believe that educating girls is extremely important since they impart that education and their progressive thoughts to not just one, but to two families. Also, I think educating girls is so much easier these days, since they are more hardworking and sincere than boys!” Her two sons are currently pursuing their education, but Shashi is convinced that they are not as sincere and responsible as their sister. Shashi’s positive energy and heartwarming smile is infectious, and she is an inspiration of all the rural women out there, who are at crossroads in their lives. Her message is simple: Believe in yourself and take the first step, without conforming to societal pressures and judgements.

Shashi doesn’t know what her life would be like without the financial independence, the sense of identity that her work provides her with, the ability to provide her children with an education, the decision-making skills and the confidence she developed working as a leader, the sense of accomplishment on seeing a finished product turn out beautifully, the financial and social confidence to raise three children on her own. She doesn’t know what her life would be like without I Village- and she doesn’t have to, because we are there for her, helping her succeed at every step of the way.


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