How To Transform Your Home Interiors Easily

How To Transform Your Home Interiors Easily

Ethnic Indian interior design themes are rich, vibrant, and magnificent. It is about bringing happiness and abundance into the home, and creating a place that exudes a positive charm. The peaceful, inviting energy created by Indian home decor is a rejuvenating, as well as unforgettable experience. Using small elements and design techniques can help you create a part of that magic in your own living space.

I Village has a philosophy that is strongly rooted in traditional and ethnic Indian craft. It brings to you a few ways in which you can transport yourself into this exotic living experience, by making a few changes in your home decor.

There is Five Steps to Transform Your Home Interiors Easily.

1.Traditional motifs:

warli design interiors

From the intricate and beautiful Madhubani paintings to the energetic and trendy Warli designs, adding a touch of Indian folk art to your interiors will subtly transform your interior space. You can add these traditional motifs in the form of wall paintings, or decor accessories that sport these designs such as table lamps or textiles. To make it more interesting, you can use repeated motifs on different elements to tie the space together.  

2.Contrasting, bright colours:

Ethnic interiors’ vibrant and energetic vibe is due to their bright colour scheme. Using colours like red, orange, green, and yellow can liven up the decor instantly! Play with interesting colour schemes and contrasting colour elements in the form of cushion covers, bed sheets, showpieces, etc. Remember to retain the ethnic touch by not throwing too many bright/ fluorescent shades together.

3.Spiritual Elements:

Anything ‘Indian’ is incomplete without a spiritual touch. By adding figurines, paintings, decorative pieces that are decorated with spiritual designs, you create a spiritual, divine environment in some rooms. Decorating a little ‘mandir’ in the corner of your bedroom will help you seek the blessings of the almighty, and keep Him close to your heart!

4.Decorative Elements:


It’s all about the details. Incorporating Indian traditional designs in small ways such as traditionally designed cushion covers, table lamps, figurines, or even strategically placed serving trays decorated with traditional motifs can help you create a beautiful space. Using textiles is a good idea, as they help keep the ethnic spirit alive. Use traditionally decorative fabrics as rugs, cushion covers, wall hangings, etc. You can place small decorative elements in niches and corners around the house to keep it interesting.

Use products that are both decorative and functional, or utility products that sport beautiful designs, to go with the ethnic vibe of the decor.

5.Handcrafted Elegance:

The best of traditional pieces are handcrafted, their beautiful designs created at the hands of skilled artisans who have inherited their art, and whose expertise cannot be replicated by machines. The skillful, nimble hands of Indian artisans creating these designs are a delight to watch, and so are the products born out of this art!

Using handcrafted products will also make your home unique, as each product created by hand is special in itself, and that’s the secret behind its beauty and charm. And maybe it’ll match the beauty and charm you handcrafted in your own space!

So what are you waiting for? Visit our online store today and start transforming your home with a few classy products from I Village.