10 Reasons Why Buying Handmade Products Empowers Rural Women

10 Reasons Why Buying Handmade Products Empowers Rural Women

10 Reasons Why Buying Handmade Products Empowers Rural Women

Why is it that some products have something special about them? They are nothing like anything else you have, and just the thought of owning them brings a smile to your face? Why does buying handmade products feel a little different than buying anything else?

buying handmade products

Buying handmade products supports change

Handmade products are created with love. Every handmade product carries a piece of the artisan’s heart, and that’s what makes it irreplaceable. And at I Village, it means more than that.

Here are 10 reasons why buying handmade products empowers rural women.

1. Every handmade product is important.

reasons to buy handmade items

The uniqueness of a handmade product goes beyond the fact that it is exclusive and rare. Every Warli inspired table linen, every embroidered cushion cover produced by our artisans has immeasurable hours of thought, creativity and hard work poured into it. They are the product of an artist’s thirst for perfection, of her passion, of her love for every single piece she makes.

2. When you buy a handmade item, you support an artist. When you buy I Village, you support change.

By buying handmade products, you support the talent and growth of an artist, who works hard to realise her dreams and works to make her art beautiful and perfect. At I Village, the artist is a woman from an Indian village, who works to support her family and be a financially independent and confident woman.

3. Handmade products are organic, eco-friendly, and last longer.

Indian artists are truly remarkable at recycling and giving a thought to the environmental consequences of a product. At I Village, we make sure our products are of exceptional quality and last longer than mass-produced goods. Handmade products also eliminate the environmental harm caused by industrial chemicals and machinery.

4. Owning handmade makes you proud of what you own.

What is a better feeling than knowing you did something to feed the passion of an artisan, and supported a social enterprise trying to make a difference? You can be a proud owner of a product that reflects the true hard work and dedication of a small artist, and help achieve better standards of living for her family.  Perhaps that’s why buying handmade products make you feel happier- because they remind you of the happiness you brought into someone else’s life.

5. When you buy handmade, you become a part of the artisan’s dream.

buying handmade products empower rural women

When you buy an I Village product, you become a part of the I Village family. You become a part of our dream towards women empowerment – making women in rural India independent, free, and unaffected by the discrimination against them in the society. You become a part of their dream of living life on their own terms and earning for themselves.

6. It is made especially for you and will be delivered to you without any hassles.

Buying handmade from us just involves sending us a message/ logging into our website online, and having it delivered to your doorstep in no time!

7. They celebrate the beauty of our traditions; they celebrate where we come from.

Handmade products keep the Indian tradition alive, and makes you feel closer to your roots! Ethnic, embroidered products, adorned with the tribal Warli art, or the intricate Madhubani designs signify ‘India’ like nothing else and make us feel proud of our culture and ethnicity. Indian art and design have an aura of their own. Buy an I Village product, and you’ll know!

8. You can have a beautiful product to yourself while making a difference in someone else’s life. Money well spent.

For a corporate retailer, a single customer might not matter. But for a small rural artist, your support and appreciation mean the world! I Village artisans just cannot stop raving about how the world loves their art, and how it makes them feel treasured beyond measure!

9. Handmade products have this very attractive fragrance. It’s called vibes.

why handmade is better

Handmade products have a positive energy, a soul. It is the feel of buying something that has been made with proper care and joy and adorned with the passion and happiness of the artist who created them, that makes hand made products like nothing else. I Village products carry the happy, positive vibes of the I Village tribe with them. They radiate the energy of the I Village Production Centre, where every girl is fearless, invincible, and happy!

10. It inspires our children- to be creative and passionate, and more importantly, to make a difference.

A handmade product that has been developed with loads of hard work and creativity inspires children. It prevents ethnicity and tradition from dying and encourages children to love and appreciate passion, dedication, and imperfection.

Buy handmade, support change

It inspires them to support a rural artisan, just like you did when you bought that gorgeous, hand-embroidered bed cover!

We should inspire our children to support change, we should teach them that simple acts of kindness make a difference. Perhaps the experience of buying handmade products will make that difference.

So, visit our shop today and buy a lovingly crafted handmade product for you or your loved ones and support our movement for change!

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